Some tips and tricks for the Gdium!

by Fred Muller June 14, 2009 - 14:31

Following up on previous post from OLPH Planet we thought it'd be interesting to go deeper into the concept and give one or two tips on the way. The lucky Gdium owners might have noticed that two of the function keys have been reserved to launch custom applications of your choice (they are they 2 fn keys marked User1 & User2). In order to set up those keys one simply need to invoke them a first time (Fn+User1 or Fn+User2) and the configuration menu will popup. One thing about the G-Linux user interface is that there is no menu to launch a terminal window (a terminal window is the rough equivalent of a DOS command prompt in the Windows world). We believe at Emtec that terminal windows are for power users or system administrators, and normal users shouldn't be distracted by something they do not need to use.

So power users might get tired of clicking on the menu button (top upper left corner) to type 'gnome-terminal' from the "Run" menu, and decide to assign one of those 2 function keys to the terminal application.

One customization later we're going to show you a little trick using the Gdium webcam to impress your family and friends! The screenshot at the beginning of this post is what you're supposed to get on your own machine (called ASCII art) and you'll get a 1:1 ratio view of the camera window if you click on the thumbnail.

Philippe Vachon, OLPH community manager, gives a talk about Gdium at FOSSLC

by P F June 06, 2009 - 17:37

Join Philippe Vachon, our community manager of our OLPH program, in a technical presentation of the Gdium right here at the Free & Open Source Software Learning Centre (a Drupal-based site).

Good job !

1st SugarCamp in Paris with Walter Bender and Gdium - May 16th!

by Fred Muller May 07, 2009 - 01:59

OLPC France and Sugar Labs are organizing the 1st SugarCamp in Paris. Gdium together with AFUL are sponsoring the event. This one day event will not only allow participants to meet the European Sugar community but also Walter Bender, OLPC foundation co-founder and Sugar Labs executive Director, Samy Boutayeb and Bastien Guerry who have been working on porting Sugar on the Gdium and, of course, the Gdium team!

The day will be split between light presentations, technical, educational and translation workshops and meeting great people! A beta of Sugar on a stick will as well be demoed. You can find the full announcement in English and in French right here. The event is happening at La Cantine not too far from Mandriva's office and is starting at 10am on Saturday May 16th, 2009 until 7pm. Definitely something worth attending if you're in town!

Gdium Liberty 1000 is available in France, on Foire de Paris !

by Sari Shafiei May 02, 2009 - 14:13

Available on Foire de Paris, one of the biggest consumer shows taking place in Paris, Gdium Liberty 1000 by EMTEC lands on Surcouf stand and just in time for preparing exams closing the school year.

For a special price of 349€ during Foire de Paris, Gdium Liberty 1000 presents all the advantages of an ultra-mobile netbook, combined with a comfortable 10'' screen. Thanks to its unique and modular G-Key containing applications, private storage space and the G-Linux operating system, Gdium Liberty is the family netbook: each Gdium Liberty 1000 holder has the liberty to use it as a personal computer or share it within the family, each member holding his / her own G-Key.

In the backstage of Gdium Liberty manufacturing

by Sari Shafiei March 03, 2009 - 20:44

Have you ever visited a factory manufacturing ultraportable computers ? Today we take you along in the backstage of Gdium Liberty manufacturing, with an exclusive photo report direct live from Dongguan, China.

You'll follow the production of a Gdium step by step, from implementation of the LED lights to the placement of WiFi antenna and card, and to the test of the boot sequence on G-Key. You'll also see other finishing details such as the placement of the colour stripes around the casing and the screen protection sticker, printed to the colours of our G-Linux.

Last step is packing the box, which we have designed as a re-usable archive box that our users can keep after unpacking and use to protect and file their documents. A simple (and smart!) idea to avoid throwing away the packaging.

A special thanks to Thierry Garot, technical consultant on the Gdium Liberty hardware platform, who has taken these photos and who probably spent more time in China than at home during the last eight months!

See the complete Flickr set of manufacturing photos, or have a look and the below selection:

Mise en place des antennes WiFi
Placing the WiFi antennas

Gdium Liberty 1000 available in Belgium !

by Sari Shafiei February 28, 2009 - 12:02

The very first units of Gdium Liberty 1000 for consumer market are now selling in Belgium, in the Makro stores as has also reported earlier this week. Since Wednesday, the visitors of various Makro outlets were able to see, touch, test... and eventually buy Liberty 1000 !

The Making of...

by Fred Muller February 28, 2009 - 06:50

As everyone should know by now, the Gdium has been available for a few days in Belgium, and since early 2009 through the OLPH program (a developer-only program). Following numerous requests to see how we were making the Gdium we're more than happy to present the first process in the manufacturing line (once all the parts have been produced and received): the SMT process. SMT stands for Surface-Mount Technology and consists of inserting all the components directly on the surface of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

A week-end in Brussels, at Fosdem

by Sari Shafiei February 03, 2009 - 02:51

What are your plans for the week-end ? If you are anywhere close to Brussels, come visit us at FOSDEM 2009, taking place in ULB campus (Université Libre de Bruxelles) on 7th and 8th February.

FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developer’s European Meeting) is one of the most important European meetings of Open Source developpers. All major distributions and stimulating projects are present to meet the members of the Open Source community.

At CES, introducing Gdium and G-Key to US audience

by Sari Shafiei January 24, 2009 - 13:43

In this video, Simon Garneau, EMTEC representative in the U.S., presents Gdium Liberty 1000 and the unique G-Key concept to Show-Stoppers journalists, in 2009 International CES, taking place in Las Vegas early in January. It is also an occasion to illustrate the benefits of G-Key at home or at school.

At CES in Las Vegas, Brad Linder interviews Bahram Nabet

by P F January 14, 2009 - 15:35

Las Vegas, Bahram Nabet, our representative in the Americas, is interviewed by Brad Linder. He speaks about the recently launched program OLPH.


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