Gdium.Com is launching the One Laptop Per Hacker program.


Here is your opportunity to contribute to the Gdium revolution.

The Gdium Team is opening a site and a program centralizing all the developer centric resources for the Gdium.


The OLPH program is supporting developers, contributors, creative artists, and other innovators who wish to:

  • Optimize, improve the OS, Human Interface and/or Application stack of an “education centric” netbook.
  • Experiment with the look and feel
  • Provide and disseminate their new application stacks
  • Redesign the artwork
  • modify the hardware or integrate some nifty gadgets.
  • Experiment with the Gdium to support new vertical markets.

For a limited set of selected contributors the Gdium Team provides a set of materials and services, enabling them to get an early start on this machine. We provide:

The OLPH group in the site is a place to collaborate, our intentions are to collaboratively improve and update all informations on this site to help users and developers to get the most out of their device.

The source and bugtrackers enables the Gdium team and the developers to keep track of issues, feature requests and publish their/our wish list items.

The OLPH Project is where the Gdium Team provides a free infrastructure to individuals who want to develop software for the Gdium platform.

The Gdium is a netbook design to “accelerate the access and production of knowledge”, the unique G-Key feature enables the owner to safely and easily share the Gdium among many users, and maintain as many “styles” of usage as they want.

The Gdium software can be freely modified, adapted, optimized, replaced; the user can download and install new solution packs and freely modify most of it.1

All interested developers can purchase a Gdium but must take in account some known issues.


How does it work ?

  • Think about what you would like to build, contribute or improve on the Gdium.
  • Register on Gdium.Com using the OLPH registration page (
  • Describe your plans
  • Read the “Gdium Developers Charter” to learn about “the deal”
  • You can register as a “friend”, this is free and enables you to be updated, and learn about the product and applications
  • Or you can register as an “active developer”
  • You will be contacted by one of our friendly team member, either with an apology, explaining that we cannot accommodate you under the OLPH program, (and why), or with all the needed informations to get a device.


If you want to sign-up for the program, two simple steps :


1 Unfortunately a limited number of elements are proprietary (flash lite and some codecs)