, Fast Track to Knowledge is an education social network, that lets the education community, from students to teachers to parents, create their own collaborative environments and access knowledge resources. All users have their personal space, blog, notebook, agenda. They manage their network of friends and create groups.

Member of the education community?

• Create your virtual school
• Contribute to the corpus of knowledge resources

Students, from elementary to high school

• Join your virtual classrooms and work collaboratively
• Share with your peers and teachers


Association, professional or else?

• Create your own group or mini-site
• Share with your members

And much more... Explore what can propose here.

Gdium ecosystem along with the Gdium Foundation (see below) are two essential parts of an ecosystem that also includes the ultra-portable, 10" notebook Gdium Liberty with its G-Key, a solution revolutionizing the idea of mobility.

The Gdium Liberty is a very original ultra-portable whose architecture makes it a terminal powered by a enhanced USB key, the G-Key.

A personal key that contains both the operating system, the user data and the application software, the G-Key is the central piece of the ecosystem. It can be used in any Gdium Liberty, and more, on any other computer.

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Gdium Foundation is an initiative of the Gdium Foundation, a truly collaborative coop company whose members are its shareholders.

The Gdium Foundation goal is to collaboratively build a corpus of educational knowledge, freely available to all, so that people can exercise their right to education.

The Gdium Foundation creates with a collaborative environement where anyone can bring their own knowledge for sharing with the community. In return, the Gdium Foundation recognizes each contribution with a mechanism of points that represent the share value the member has in the Foundation.

To know more about the Gdium Foundation project
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